Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There's Something Odd...

...about Odd

A new title in our fair land, Odd is one of those super exciting one-off magazines that, once sold out, will never be seen again...
Produced by some fashionable students, of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the land of the wooden shoe, this magazine explores six connections between seven people in the creative industry.
The layout is absolutely beautiful and scattered throughout the book are one papers spruiking travel and life essentials that you may not realise you need. There is also this one fashion shoot in particular which deserves a mention, it's a sort of "care-free summer" type shoot with hazy sun light and cool t-shirts and shorts.

This little morsal of a magazine has been in Magnation's top 10 for almost 4 weeks now. Given the staff members are all Ultra Kids I think this well and truely validates the cool-ness of this magazine.

Skip into Magnation and take a Peek at Odd or take a look-see on their website:

The website is pretty good, but to get the full expereince, hunt down the magazine. There really is nothing quite like the feel of good paper stock... (nerd!)

P.S - if you look carefully, you can find a little photo of me in the first couple of pages. Totally famous.


  1. YES! This magazine is truly amazing. I also find myself continually picking it up and re-reading bits. The only bad thing about it is that it's a one-off. Great recommendation!!!

  2. It's so sweet that the editorial I photographed got a special mention, thank you! Shooting it was a blast, which the pictures show ;)

    Nathalie Odette

  3. And we love your work Nathalie! Keep us updated with forthcoming projects xx