Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disturbingly Lovely

A few years ago I started reading The Lovely Bones after my mum had recommended it. I had to stop after getting a quarter of the way though because I just couldn't handle it. Simply it was too harrowing and reading alone in my room before bed (and then trying not to think about it when I'm attempting to fall asleep...) was lonely, disturbing and depressing and generally I love being alone reading so I had to stop reading it.

And then they made a movie of the book, are the human race are a bunch of masochists? We must be because I watched it (come on, it's a literary short cut), I watched it all the way through and it was lonely, disturbing and depressing but it was an amazing story. 

I'm considering a second attempt at the book now (masochist). I think, knowing what happens at the end (badies should always get whats comin' at em, boo yah!) I might be able to take it. 2011, year to man up and read The Lovely Bones.

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