Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrity self help

Is this even a real book? I can assure you that not only is it 100% real but I have read every single page. 

This is one of my most prized thrift shop book finds. Check the cover, I mean it's hot pink, she's shaking her finger menacingly, she has a chain holding her glasses to her neck, a cameo brooch, the worlds fluffiest hair and the title is clumsy. It's perfect. Horribly perfect.

The cover design aside... This is essentially a self help, a sort of "how to live your life" book with completely irrelevant information on how to handle fame if it happens to find you at the ripe age of 60+... Because we've all been there, am I right?

The pearls of wisdom flow in this book like the waterfall in Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl video clip*. Here's a good one:

"Do men get sick differently from women? Of course. Women get sick. Men lose their minds"

Oh Estelle, you modern woman. What else can you tell us about men and women?

"Men are stronger, they do war things better and fix pipes better"

War things. Amen.

*I hope you appreciated that little euphemism as much as I did. I laughed to myself at my own comic genius. Oh you're so smart and charming.

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