Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lover in Pantone 707c


Infamous Australian fashion label Lover released a pretty little note book to accompany their latest collection "Untitled". 

Looking like a booklet you might get at a local primary school play this A5 paper booklet contains mixed-media projects created by the Lover creators them selves. Each little work of art is reflective of the entire Spring Summer collection which is also called "Untitled".  

What is so cute about this idea is that the muse for the "Untitled" Spring Summer collection is an artist and what better way to compliment a collection of clothing for the artist then by creating a booklet the muse herself may have made.

I think you can still wrap your hands around one of these gems by visiting Melbourne's Alice Euphemia boutique. It's worth having a peek at the Lover website also 

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