Saturday, October 23, 2010

“That’s the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing…” The conversation continues

A while back I introduced “Conversations with Woody Allen” a biography of sorts that I purchased. So far it’s been a great little book and an easy read. The chapters of the book have been arranged by the time and place of conversations the author has with Woody over the sum 40 years he’s been following Woody’s work.

The way the author has chronicles the conversations is so seamless that you feel like a fly on the wall. He speaks of his wives, the most controversial of which is Soon-Yi (his adopted daughter with Mia Farrow and his now wife). However the most interested part for me so far is the way he describes working with his peers including Diane Keaton.

Woody talks about the many films he starred in with Keaton and her skill and humour as an actress, which isn’t particularly hard to see, what is interested is him describing Keaton in Annie Hall.

Diane played Annie (in Annie Hall) so well; the character and actress are almost one and the same. Woody speaks of the infamous (and widely copied) “Annie Hall” look which came directly from Keaton’s own wardrobe. 

There’s a fantastic passage in the book where Woody speaks on how well most actresses would dress when arriving on set, only to be dressed in a costume that never quite looked as good as they dressed themselves. It was for this reason that Woody asked Diane to dress herself for Annie Hall.
I’m off to watch Annie Hall again…

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