Friday, June 3, 2011


The latest blog on my reading list  is created by the hilarious man repelling  Leandra Medine of NYC. Basically this is a fashion blog about garments and styles that girls love and guys hate, for example puffy shirts. 

Such a simple concept for a blog and every entry is such a delight to read. I am so happy the lovely Garance Dore (cos she's my friend now... yep...) led me to this blog. Also I've got a crooked-up neck so I'm balancing my head on pillows and compy on right angles trying to occupy myself by scouting new blogs while I'm up to my fringe in painkilling numbness. 

And... as a fellow man repeller, you don't have to know me well to be aware of some of my favourite items of cloth such as... my massive amounts of velvet items, my indian looking slipper shoes (officially called Minnetonka's), baggy shirts and loosy goosey dresses.

So go read and be good xx

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